EDITORIAL: a man consumed by patience that he married patience; he refused to be intoxicated by power

It is commonplace for our people to interpret over-zealous tendency and ubiquity as competence. Our average politicians have over the years suffered from the ailment  of  “talk more, do less” epidemic but its rather disheartening that most people deck this politicians as the active and productive ones and these phony paradigm has victimized our canny president, whose laid-back approach is graced with the virtue of “talk less, do more”.

Suffice it to say that this is just one of the numerous virtues of GEJ that magnet me to the admiration of this noble gentleman. For me, his gravitational force lies in the front that he has refused to be intoxicated by power.

GEJ case defies the saying that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The phrase has come short in his exception. The palpable vices about absolute power is that it seduces you to the shortcomings of impatience, unforgiving spirit, allergic to incisive advice, lack of discernment, lack of humility and unremorseful spirit, thereby leading you to the crime of “Act now, think later and damn the consequence” .

One great attribute GEJ has in abundance is patience. Behold is a man who is so consumed with patience that he ended up marrying Patience. This is a man who even when all evidence was in his favor to become the acting-president, he chose to be patience. He waited and waited and waited and never got tired of waiting, even when the batteries of patience of his subordinates were draining, his was ever fully charged.

On his assumption of the seat of the presidency, which is in all ramifications the absolute power of socio-economic and political aspect in Nigeria, he didn’t draw a list of his enemies, opposition members and ill-wishers to set them up and indict them whether legally or illegally even when he owns all the means to do so rather he chose to forgive his enemies and in his uncommon humble nature descended from his exalted presidential seat to reach out to those who were reluctant to come to him and incorporated them into his government.

This is a man who believes in the national course and for him, the nation’s peace, unity and progress precede over his personal fracas.

No Nigeria president ever has the listening ears of GEJ. This is a man who works on the advice of the technocrats and experienced minds in his cabinet. He never lords it over anyone and he is always willing to learn. You will simply fall in love with his attentive nature which many in his position has lacked because they were drunk in power but for him, he refused to be intoxicated by power. His attentive mind transcends beyond his cabinet to the masses. He is always willing to listen to us all which the CONFAB and his regular media chat are testimonies to.

GEJ has always been graced with a perspicacious mind. He has selected the best of the best in his cabinet and this has heralded that vast improvement in every sector of the economy and human development. His discernment has been top notch. One of the good things about GEJ is that he has stayed away from “Family and Friends” system of government.  His appointment has always based on intelligence, competence, commitment, hard-work and qualification. His judgment has always been selflessly motivated.

Finally, GEJ is always the first to identify his mistake and accept them even before you ever point them out to him. He hates to make mistake and hates nothing more than repeating his mistake. Once he makes a mistake, he never repeats it, he is simply a perfectionist. He doesn’t get drunk in power and get careless and unremorseful. He has never been a careless, reckless, arrogant and rude person in his life and he has not changed his personality even as a president. GEJ has always had a gentle, calm, recollected, reserved, mild, humble and cherubic heart.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a president like him because despite all the cajole, caricature, mockery, conspiracy, betrayal, threat, propaganda, lies, cheat and daring, he has refused to be intoxicated by power.

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