The only change APC is bringing is changing the meaning of change

It might take less time to list what APC haven’t lied about. They have not only been misleading and lying to the Nigerian public; they have been doing the same to their own members.

The APC would probably lie about the definition of lie as well, since they have been trying to change the definitions of “change” and “evil” along with a few other words. (It has been suggested that we keep checking to make sure the word “change” remains in dictionaries.)

Why do the APC make up facts? Because they cannot debate substantive issues with real facts.

The one real talent the APC has demonstrated is the production of misleading propaganda. Why are their lies so successful? Because they know they can count on most voters being uninformed and gullible — and likely to remember the lie in the headline or TV sound bite, and be too tired, too busy or unskilled to question or search further.

Nigerian voters are particularly vulnerable to “tailored disinformation.” As Mark Twain famously said: “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

“The mortal fear of the APC is that if government delivers the goods, the APC have no future.”

Unfortunately for those of us in the “reality-based” community we cannot be deceived by APC Attack/Noise Machine

Lying is a formalized political strategy of APC designed to fool the Nigerian people to buy into their agenda.

The 70 percent of the Nigerian public, at various points on the political continuum — from liberal to moderate – is still grounded in reality. The real majority simply needs the truth so it can support sound policies and vote as responsible citizens.

Truth is not always easy to find, but a society that no longer seeks it has jettisoned its self-respect. Nigerian voters need to fight to get back self-respect and challenge APC culture of lying.

Voters need to understand the difference between an opinion and a supported argument. They need to hold all politicians and the corporate media accountable. They need to recognize the APC propaganda for what it is: propaganda.

All misinformation and lies from APC need to be recognized and condemned. Spin should be distinguished from substance. Attention needs to be paid to “fog facts.”
We’re not talking about weight and age, or people’s feelings, and we’re not selling soap. We’re talking about the future of the Nigeria and ours.

GEJ represents the future and has a vision of a government that I believe is right.

Lets vote GEJ on the 28th March

written by:

John Okafor C

APC-Logo 9jainformant

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