JJC: Artiste recalls how he first met Don Jazzy, D’banj in London

JJC-and-Don-JazzyVeteran rapper, singer and producer JJC in an exclusive interview with Pulse recalls how he met Don Jazzy and D’banj over a decade ago in London.
JJC says he met D’banj through MP who was then an act in the JJC & 419 Squad.

“MP brought D’banj and told me that he was very talented. Meeting him he started playing the harmonica. I liked his look. I liked his energy. He was very full of life. And that’s how we got to meet” recollects JJC.

He also met Don Jazzy in almost similar circumstances. Singer and producer Kas who scored the big 2010 hit ‘Fimile Baby’ spoke to JJC about a talented producer who wanted to work with him.
“I remember one time when I started to have too many artistes I said to myself that I need to expand the production team because I couldn’t produce all the music myself, neither could I do all the videos myself. So I wanted to expand the production side of the company” he says.

“Kas called me and said ‘yo there is this guy that wants to meet you. He is really good, you should meet him.’ So he brought the guy over to the house, and that’s how I met Don Jazzy” reveals JJC.
The duo of Don Jazzy and D’banj later left JJC and formed their own record label Mo’ Hits in 2004.

In this clip of his exclusive interview that he had music video directors Sesan and Moe Musa where also with him at this period.

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