Maheeda “Naija Bad Girl” forgives father who abandoned her for 32 years

Caroline Sam, or Maheeda alias Naija Bad Girl, seems to have turned a new leaf as she has been preaching forgiveness, pardon and remission.
The singer who has never tired telling her story of growing up as an orphan, living a rough street life, ending up a prostitute and having a baby when she was just 16, must have been doing a lot of soul searching and says she now forgives her father for abandoning her for the whole of her 32 years on earth as well as making her pass through a rough patch in life.
Maheeda, who loves to be called Goddess of X, also believes that growing up all alone without anyone for guidance, gave her the opportunities to make her mistakes and learn from them.
In her words:
“Thank God I was an orphan, with no one to stop me from living my life and making my own mistakes and learning from experience.”
She took to her Twitter handle to forgive her father as well as people who post hateful comments on social media platforms.

Read her tweets here.


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