VIDEO: Pastor feeds his followers gasoline after convincing them that he turned it into pineapple juice

A group of people drank gasoline after their pastor convinced them that he turned it into pineapple juice, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

Pastor Daniel Lesego of South Africa, attract hundreds of followers to the Rabboni Centre Ministry.

One day, the pastor performed the miracle of pouring gasoline into a bucket, dropping a match inside and lighting it on fire before turning it into pineapple juice.

Then he offered the church members of Garankuwa, a chance to have a drink. Lesego said that he wanted to show that with faith a person can achieve anything.

The video of the service shows men and women approaching the pastor in a strange state and snatching the bottle from his hands for a sip of the gasoline.

After the bottle was emptied out by the thirsty religious people, the pastor asked them how it tasted. Most of them said that it tasted sweet.

The video also shows members fighting over the empty bottle and sucking the air out of it.


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