Lebanese couple torture Nigerian worker

A Nigerian woman, Grace Okpara, is reeling in pains on her hospital bed after she reported that she was subjected to a bout of torture, by her employees who are Lebanese nationals.
According to Okpara, the couple, Joseph and Hala Yasbek, had employed her as a cleaner in the logistic company located in Ibafo area of Ogun State but in the course of her work, they turned her into a general servant and in the process, abusing her severally.

Okpara, a wife and a mother, claimed that after a mild argument on Wednesday, 14 January, 2015, the couple beat her up and dragged her severally on the ground, an act she reported to the Ibafo Police Division.

Speaking to the Punch Newspaper, the 37-year-old Edo State indigene, said she has been assaulted several times over allegations of dereliction of duty.
“I work as a cleaner at the Lebanese company, and I earn N20,000 as salary. The incident happened on January 14 at about 11.30am. We were three working as cleaners in the company.
That day, Hala said I did not clean the premises very well, but as I tried to explain, she kicked me and I fell. Minutes later when the husband showed up, I reported Hala to him, but he also slapped me.

I fell ill after the incident and went to the hospital for treatment. I was treated at a private hospital in Ibafo. I was discharged on Thursday and then went to report to the police. The fee for my treatment was paid by the police at Ibafo.”

But according to the police, the Lebanese couple have denied assaulting Okpara, saying that she was the one who wanted to beat up the wife before her husband intervened to protect her.
The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, said:

“The two Lebanese were invited, and we have asked them to come back with officials of the company.
The Lebanese husband explained that it was the complainant who wanted to hit his wife, and he had to block her (Grace) by pushing her away.
The fact is that the two parties had been having conflicts for some time. It is not a matter of assault alone. We are trying to mediate between them.
But if the woman feels she had been so badly maltreated, the police can charge the matter to court.”


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