Artists NOT TO Watch Out For In 2015

It breaks my heart but I’m pleased  to bring to you the list of artists NOT TO watch out for in 2015, the list…

It breaks my heart but I’m pleased  to bring to you the list of artists NOT TO watch out for in 2015, the list here consist of artist who haven’t worked really had to step up their game in the Nigerian music industry….Check out the list below & you can agree with me that if they don’t put out earth shaking singles they may possibly get knocked out of the music industry .

1) 9ice


9ice – I would personally say 9ice is not someone we should all look out for in 2015,ever since he got into politics he  silently said a bye bye to his music carrier.
2  Samklef


Samklef has to find a direction of where to go in terms of the kind of music to do for his fans….don’t mislead your followers ! I believe & love Samklef but he fell my hands in 2014 but i hope he will sit down,work on himself and do a hit song by him-self & not put HIGH hope on artiste for collaborations and get heart broken by a turn down .

3) Kay switch


Kay Switch – I would say kay switch totally failed to deliver through out 2014 till date. Currently Signed to DB records he is just so relaxed & have forgotten what he is known to be – Kay Switch left the music industry with Sister Caro & ever since then we have had nothing to hold on to .

4) Rayce

Rayce – despite dropping club bangers such as JUST LIKE THAT, IGBEDU, TETE LA…To name a few, non of this singles cut across boarders nor blew him up.
5) Mo’cheddah


Mo’cheddah – She made a come back single last year which Phyno was featured …Yet there was nothing special about her coming to music .
6) Tha Suspect


Tha Suspect –  keep producing and stop the comedy rap style… enough is enough thank u MR PETERU !

7) Phenom


Phenom – Two great singles from the prolific rapper but still struggling on how to find the new stuff and get it trendy…push is one last thing that is slowing the general down . BRAH/RAHH !!

8) Selebobo


Selebobo has failed to deliver up till date he too is struggling on where to fix him self….fix your self in the right selfie position lol,

9) Omo akin

omo akin

Omo akin – style of music 1/10 totally poor….failed to deliver, fans getting used to the same thing every time how boring are you on tv .

10 2kriss


2kriss – Who are these two ? signed to DB records but stocked up in the poor management system & nothing more than that.

11) Splash


Splash – inconsistency to the fullest !

12) jjc


jjc – definitely jjc has to change his style of music so that the fans could enjoy more of you funky guy *Wink*

13) Capital Femi


Capital Femi – femi has to change his style of music

14) Yung 6ix


Young 6ix – Constantly making noise on twitter and also bragging about being the  best rapper in the country but still  struggling to appear or headlining a music/comedy concert . A hit song is still pending .

15) Blink


Blink is good but has been failing to deliver for such a long time now  .

16) YQ


YQ – Nice song, good video but put more effort to work instead of one same direction or rather way of music.

17) Minjin


Minjin – his first impression was good, presently he has also failed to deliver or can we say he has loose focus

18 LKT


lkt – he has been dropping songs upon songs and yet he has not cut across boarders


19) Chuddy K

chuddy k

Chuddy K ended in Gaga crazy and ever since then he went underground , all his songs have so far not been  successful.

20) Pryse

pryse 1

Pryse – First of all she have not been hardworking in terms of delivery she need to sit down, listen to some good songs and go back to the studio,get a pen and paper and maybe M.I will help her with the lyrics . Pryse is still sounding up-coming – Who is Pryse ? I bet many don’t know her but then she is signed to M.I Loopy music .


NOTE : The list is put together by Slam Tee ,a music critic [Also an Admin Here] . Share your thoughts & follow him via his social network account.

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