Someone Sent this In for Us to Post [Name Witheld]

Am newly wedded 5months to be precise pls help save my marriage Am 24 year old lady, I met my bf who’s now my husband in a eatery near my school we got talking and I liked his person,he’s cute and above all he works in a bank to cut it all short he’s just perfect for me,we started dating till he invited me over to his house, I was so glad that at least I will get to meet with someone in his family although he told me his brother stays with him.

That evening I visited, his brother wasn’t home not quit long we started talking he walked in geez this guy his even looking more handsome than my bf the way he smiled at me just melted my soul,we both greeted and he went into his room, seeing him walk alone into his room just make me start fantasizing about having him, it took me few minutes to realize what I was doing,he later came out and my bf formally introduced him to me I was so shocked to know he was running his PGD program in my school and sometimes he stays somewhere in an apartment he rented off campus just for the purpose of his program, he casually gave me the address and I stored it in my head,before leaving I requested for his number so I can call him to know when he’s in school he obliged my bf only smiled at our conversation.

A week after I placed a call through to him and asked if he was on campus he replied no but will let me know when he’s in,the next day he called me and said I should meet him at the park on campus I quickly rushed down to see him,we greeted and he hugged me,his hug was just the best I’ve ever had.

After talking for a while he said he’s leaving for his base off campus, hun opportunity I said to myself then I turned to him and ask if he could let me come with him so I will get to know where he stays, he said sure; get into the car so we drove down to his place,the closeness got closer till I achieved my aim which is we ended up having sex,I wish he’s the one am dating but I just cannot do anything about it.

I got married to my husband a year later but through out this period I and his younger brother kept having affairs behind him not only that, I took in for him several times but had to use pills to get rid of it. until this last one I tried all the available pills but to no avail,now am confused on what to do am currently staying off campus for the fear of going back home I lied to my husband I will be writing my exams and so will be staying over for that period he agreed because he promised to always respect my decision, when he came visiting he noticed changes in me but not to the point of suspecting am pregnant.

His brother wants the pregnancy out at all cost and even threatened to kill me if I don’t get rid of it and fast too, he gave me huge sum of money to go get it off but am just too scared to go under the knife for fear of dying as a result of betraying my husband, what do I tell my husband, am newly wedded 5months to be precise, my life is just doomed right now, I know if he finds out am headed straight for a divorce because his family won’t accept this mess. I need your advice is There anyway I can maneuver this without going under the knife and save my marriage.

Pls do advice on what to do before my husband finds out.

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  1. Hey dnt mind bt U R a fucking slut…..by ur story it cmpletly shows dat frm d very 1st day aftr seeing ur brother-in-law ur sexual desires fr him increased nd love fr ur bf rapidly decreased….nd aftr dat U married ur bf admitting dat U R cnstantly cheating on him day aftr day by letting his brother Banging ur ***** , using as his personal Slut…..nd now when everythng is out of hand nd u R getting cnstantly prgnent, he is threatng u…..now u want Advice after making dis Shit….i felt sorry fr ur husband….Poor guy…

  2. My name is Annie, i want o share my testimony about the good work of Dr Lawrees, I was in am relationship for the pass five years and it was very successful until my boyfriend went out one day with his friend, then after he has come back by evening i welcome him we both hung each other kill and lot more, then the next day morning he said he is was going to the shop, i said okay then he left for the shop not knowing that he did not go to the shop but went to his friend place who told him that i am not good for him that he should look for another girlfriend, when i was in the class receiving lectures i receive a call from my brother opposite to the house were his friend rented that he saw my boyfriend with a girl coming out of his friend room i hardly believe it cause i trusted him so much, really after the lecture i rush down to his friend house i found out the my boy friend was having sex with another girl which his friend chooses for him , then i went away from there with tears on my eye i could not resist it cause i love him like never before, i never love a man like that before, then i tried to stop him for going to the friend house but he turn against me and sent me away from his house, calling me all sot of names, then i have no were to go to cause i am an orphan, i went to my course mate house, i stay they for the past 8 month but still it was hardly for me to stop thinking of him i was almost frustrated all because i am thinking of him, i said to myself i can not resist it any more, i most get to the end of this, then i beg my friend to please introduce me to any of the spell caster she know about, then she introduce me to one spell caster called Dr agbala, i do not know that he can not even do any thing but just to eat up my money and run away, them i said since Dr agbala can not bring him back that means i can get him again, my friend again introduce me to one other spell caster, his name is Dr Lawrees i don know this man was gos sent to me to save my life, then i told him everything that is going on then he said that my boyfriend is been arrested by another spell caster which the other of his girl friend went to meet, then he said that is noting that he will bring him back within 2 to 3 days, but i hardly believe him cause i have contacted another spell caster nothing was done, really after he has commence on my spell work my run away lover called me at night and start begging on the phone that i should please forgive him that he did not know what he was doing that is the reason why he drove me out of the house, then i have no choice than to forgive him, then i forgive him ever since then we have been together with love cares, everything and he even propose a marriage to me now, please you need to try and help me to thank this man, and also if you have any type of problem please don not hesitate to contact him immediately cause he is God sent, him contact detail is: lawrees24hrspellhome@gmail.com please you need to contact him now on: lawrees24hrspellhome@gmail.com

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